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Our Story

2020 is a vision born from two lads(oi oi) inspired by the the beautiful environments mountain biking takes us to. By showing these environments through our eyes, we hope to inspire riders with a duty of care to preserve the precious places that are such an important part of our riding. We want to change how mountain bikers look at their trails. 


By investing in any 2020 product you are investing in a positive impact on mother nature. All of our products are manufactured using the most eco-friendly processes, and designed to be the most hard wearing possible. Built to Send.



The Founders

Rob Johnson

Growing up getting his hands dirty, Rob sticks to a traditional riding ethos, a corner and 2 jumps man. Keep it simple.

Billy Bowman-Shaw

Bill has probably spent more time in the woods than in the civilized world. Definitely a closet tree hugger, but aren't we all ey?