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Would you choose to buy an MTB product who's enviromental impact has been prioritised throughout design & manufacture, over a conventional product?
Would you be more interested if you were aware of the actual benefits of choosing to buy an eco-friendly alternative?
Do you think there are eco-friendly options available in the MTB industry?
Do you think the mountain bike community should have a more sustainable approach given our sport relies so much on nature?
Compared to your friends/family who don’t MTB, would you consider yourself more conscious of your carbon footprint?
Would you pay more for an eco product given the cost of manufacturing eco-friendly products?
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*Limited number of stickers available, stickers sent on a first come first serve basis.
Terms and conditions:
1. To be eligible for a sticker pack you must be a UK resident
2. Sticker packs are sent on a first-come first-serve basis
3. Each eligible applicant will receive two stickers.
4. Stickers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for money or any other item.
5. Each applicant will only receive one sticker pack, multiple entries are not permissible
6. 2020 Ltd are not liable for the placement or use of the stickers